Careful! A Stroll Through MacKenzie-Childs

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Whenever I travel I carry a big black purse because it holds everything I need all the time–notebook, camera, water bottle, goodies I buy…. However, when I stroll through places with glassware and other breakables, my bag and I are the equivalent of a a  bull in a china shop.  One clumsy turn and I can clear a table of really expensive merchandise.

I was extra careful when I toured the MacKenzie-Childs headquarters and shop in Aurora, New York, this spring.  They’re located in the Finger Lakes region of New York, perched high above Cayuga Lake, a lovely scene before you even get to the merchandise.  If you haven’t seen their wares in shops all over the country, the company makes all manner of wildly colorful and whimsical hand-painted furniture, ceramics and more–a feast for the eyes and well worth a little extra caution.


4 thoughts on “Careful! A Stroll Through MacKenzie-Childs”

  1. Such a good point about carrying large bags in tight spaces like stores and restaurants. I once knocked a martini out of a guy’s hand in a tiny embarrassing! I now use a mid-size market bag for shopping and dining that is a cross body bag that holds money, ID, phone and glasses and any small purchases I make while touring markets and shops. Haven’t spilled any more cocktails or cleared any tables since.

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