"Little Bee" and the National Reading Group Month Book List

October is National Reading Group Month, which in my opinion should really be a year-round celebration. The National Women’s Book Association sponsors events and activities during the month. Part of the mission for NRGM is to increase public awareness of the joy and value of shared reading. Each year they prepare a list of featured books that are excellent suggestions for book groups. See

One of my book clubs is currently reading a book from that list, “Little Bee,” by Chris Cleve. Thinking in terms of relationship between literature and travel, this book inspires the armchair variety of travel.   The story revolves around a British couple and a Nigerian girl and their brutal experience on a lonely beach in Nigeria.  Not to give too much away but the novel was published in Britain with the title “The Other Hand.” While I love adventure travel, some destinations are best visited through the pages of a book.

4 thoughts on “"Little Bee" and the National Reading Group Month Book List”

    1. Hi fellow bookworm:
      Thanks for your comment. Our group is discussing this on the 27th. It should be a good discussion, though I wasn’t that thrilled with the book. It’s featured in bookstores all over the country, but I was more that a little impatient with the set up of a couple having such an encounter on a beach. You’d think two such intelligent people would be a little more savvy about where they travel and that they would be more careful about being on a dangerous beach when a security guard told them they shouldn’t be. I also thought their child was a bit delayed for a four-year-old. Enough Batman already! What did work, for me, was the portrayal of Little Bee, her detention and her reaction to life after such brutality. We usually find that books that we can criticize and discuss the cons as well as the pros make for the best discussions.

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