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Fun: in Marrakesh, Morocco

This is in response to the weekly Photo Challenge: Fun.  Woohoo!

Tassel flying and symbols clanging, this gentleman was spreading the fun in the Jemma el Fna Square in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken in Haiti

In Haiti, children make toys out of just about anything they can find.
In Haiti, children make toys out of just about anything they can find.

Just about everything is broken in Haiti.  Consequently, children fashion toys and activities out of whatever broken items are lying around, stuff most of us would throw away.  This little guy used the stick to make the hoop roll along as he ran.  Here, he was taking a break, resting on his giant floppy sandals.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Blur: Kids Playing in Guatemala

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Blur.” I usually throw out the blurry pix because they’re not blurry on purpose, just bad camera settings.  But a little blur gives a great sense of action or takes your eye to the background or the foreground of the picture as in these photos of kids playing in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Room (With a View) in Morocco

A Berber family makes this cave in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains their kitchen and living room.  The entry to the adjacent sleeping “room” is in the upper right corner.

The challenge: share your take on the idea of room.

This is certainly different than my typical idea of a room, but when you travel, you see how other people live and adapt to their environment and begin to broaden your definition of,  for example, what constitutes a room.  In this case, a nomadic family of Berbers in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco uses a series of adjoining caves as rooms to suit different purposes.  Here, they cook (notice the ceiling blackened by cooking fires), weave rugs and entertain guests like us with a glass or two of mint tea.  They use other “rooms” for sleeping and for keeping animals.  Later in the season, the family will move their belongings and their flock of sheep to another grazing area.


Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move – Guatemala

In Antigua, Guatemala, the transportation is as colorful as the surroundings.  Hover over each photo to see a description.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top–Dog on the Roof

With his crazy mismatched eyes, this Husky looks a little threatening, like he’s about to pounce and make a tasty dinner of you.  Instead, he was just hanging out on the roof of a building in San Andres Xecul, in the highlands of Guatemala, very curious, watching us gringos go by.  For more on my bike trip there, see my previous post, Poco a Poco.